Hyundai Grandeur 2016

30 years ago Hyundai released the first variant of this mid-sized luxury car. Since then the company has developed five generations of the model. For the most markets the car was named the Azera, while in the United States it was consequently renamed as the Grandeur. As the Hyundai’s flagship model, the car has intensively evolved into what it is now.

Recently in Busan the Korean automaker presented a new restyled version of the sedan. The Hyundai Grandeur 2016 with some exterior and interior improvements is expected to be available soon.

Hyundai Grandeur 2016 front


New sedan’s design is fulfilled in absolutely modern style. The wheelbase of the model has been enlarged to 194 inches. The sheetmetal layout resembles that of the new Sonata model. The car has received a new grill, different front bumper with LED foglights. The headlights with their facets looking like jewels features HID xenon technology. In the rear part we can notice different chrome-tipped exhausting pipes perfectly integrated into the two-colored bumper. Another special feature is a panoramic sunroof. Overall, the Hyundai Grandeur 2016 has a sleek look with definite and impeccable lines showing its elegance and energetics.

Hyundai Grandeur 2016 interior

Although the new sedan has inherited much from its predecessor, in the interior, all the same, it has some modifications. Renewed features give it more attractiveness, workability and convenience. In top trims the cabin has leather seats, while in the inexpensive base model they’ve got cloth upholstery. The high-tech set has received a new navigation with an 8-inch touch-screen offered as a standard. In addition, the climate control elements have been changed. Safety is provided by the Blind spot detection, Electronic stability control, Smart cruise control and Pressure monitoring system.

Hyundai Grandeur 2016 rear


As far as the specifications, the Hyundai Grandeur 2016 will likely be equipped with a 3.3-liter inline-six engine. Such a motor well fits a car of this class. Thanks to some enhancements, it is able to generate up to 300 hp with 260 lb-ft of torque. This is the best V6 engine in fuel economy. On average it is rated at 25 mpg. This has been achieved with use of a new direct injection system. According to some information, the engine will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. In addition, for better driving the Grandeur will receive a new suspension system.

17 Photos of the Hyundai Grandeur 2016

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  1. Erna Varig says:

    You know, every time I’ve heard “Hyundai” I imagined something cheap and unpopular.. And 2016 “Grandeur” exterior is not something spacial, typical forms for business class. But interior is wonderful! Hope the materials are on such high level as an interior design..

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