Representing New SUV 2016 Dodge Durango

Dodge manufacturer is going to launch renewed full-size sport utility vehicle in 2016. Durango model is seven-seat car. Its new model will have refreshed design and updated technical features. Despite of new power technologies, the 2016 Dodge SUV Durango has got more elegant, grace and wonderfully sophisticated appearance. It attracts car users both its alluring body and magnetic interior and high performance. The automobile combines in itself all best characteristics of SUV and luxurious cars.
 2016 Dodge Durango front

Exterior Description

There are a lot of essential changes in the appearance of the new Durango. American classified this SUV like one of the most beautiful and popular utility vehicle in this country. This is because it has got new grace and soft line on the car body making it more modern and attractive. Designers saved its massive and aggressive look adding stylish elements, such as renewed front bumper and shape of headlights. Streamlined car body shows that the utility vehicle is speedy and powerful despite of its big dimensions. Tail and stop lights have unite composition that makes an impression of predatory glance of wild animal. 2016 Dodge Durango back

Interior Description

2016 Dodge SUV Durango has incredibly spacious inside. Seven adult persons can sit in the car simultaneously and feel comfort. Seats are extremely soft and have heating. So passengers will enjoy travelling by the automobile on or off the road. Completely updated dashboard allows driver to lead the utility vehicle in easy way. All elements in the cabin are made in modern style. Everything looks grace and elegant. Interfaced technologies by Dodge Company are equipped into the car. And driver can run almost all of them through the big 8-inch touch screen located on the central console. 2016 Dodge Durango interior

Technical Characteristics

Under the massive hood of 2016 Dodge SUV Durango there is 3.6 l V6 Pentastar engine. It is really powerful and is able to generate 290 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. Also, there is going to be another modification. It has more powerful 5.7 l V8 Hemi engine. This unit generates 360 HP and 390 lb-ft of torque. For the car with these huge dimensions it is more than excellent. Moreover, the SUV has all-wheel drive. But there is the opportunity to get the car with only rear-wheel drive. This good vehicle will come out in the early 2016. And as for rumors it will cost around $30000. It is suitable price for the SUV.

7 Photos of the Representing New SUV 2016 Dodge Durango

2016 Dodge Durango2016 Dodge Durango2016 Dodge Durango2016 Dodge Durango2016 Dodge Durango2016 Dodge Durango2016 Dodge Durango

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  1. Joani corejo says:

    This 2016 Dodge Durango is exactly will be liked by anyone looking SUV with good performance and excellent fuel economy. Although there are fears that it will have busy riding.

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