Inspiring Concept of New 2016 Audi Q8

German automobile company decided to prolong its lineup with a new model – 2016 Audi Q8 – the successor of the so popular crossover BMW X6.

Platform and Performance

Alike the previous generations of Qs this one will be assembled on the platform of Volkswagen. 2016 Audi Q8 will share lots of features with its forerunner Q7. First of all, this concerns wheelbase and track system. Thought, the new Q will have a different Quattro all-wheel driving base while the 7th model is supplied with front-wheel drive framework.
The engine variations are expected to be V-6 and V-8. Some speculations suggest though that there will be variants equipped by W-12 turbo-twin-motor with 6.0-liter mileage. This type of engine powers some Bentley models and it gives a company the right to call its future flagship one of the fastest SUV ever. It will be able to develop about 600 horsepower and approximately 550 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle will speed up to 175 miles per hour. It will reach 60 miles per hour just for 3.8 seconds.
For the US market they will assemble two engine variations – one with 3.0 liter hybrid charged motor and the other with 4.0 liter turbo V-8 motor. Both are going to be released with all-wheel driving system and automatic transmission.
Audi 2016 Q8

Interior and Exterior Specs

In general the exterior design is promised to be quite exclusive but in Audi style. The car is supposed to be a bit shorter and wider than the previous generation featuring lower roof. From the inside the flagship will look much alike A8.
Taking into account that the vehicle is designed for an upscale market segment the interior will be filled with luxury and exclusive stylish details. Premium advance will touch the steering wheel – it can be heated. Easy in operating navigation system is combined with high-advanced technologies inside the spacious cabin.
2016 Audi Q8 is a premium release that’s why we expect it to be redesigned and stuffed with some up-to-date techniques and innovative specifications. The company promises that there will be some huge salons improvements but, unfortunately, will still do not know which exactly. Designers will surely add some changes to bumpers, headlights, and hoofs.
2016 Audi Q8 Interior

Price Suggestions

It should come with a price no lower than $70,000 for a moderate equipment. A row of variations will be higher in price than its competitor X6 – over $165,000. It is expected by the end of 2016.

11 Photos of the Inspiring Concept of New 2016 Audi Q8

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    I think the new Audi Q8 will be suitable for a person with any lifestyle and any requirements. It is both sporty and comfortable. As for me, this car looks the best of the entire lineup.

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