Introducing New Audi A4 2017

After a long analysis of new photos of the car, at last Audi A4 2017 sedan had premiered. This event occurred recently, because many people were interested in this model. Maybe somebody will find this car usual, but the German brand made a presentation and they hoped that could impress the public.

New Audi A4 2017– what new.

Exterior is not difficult to assess the photo. We shall deal directly with the changes. Lights adjusted. The new body will have a wider grating Singleframe. The car is already in the database please xenon headlights, in which are embedded with LED daytime running lights filling. The roof has an inclined shape, and new and powerful bumper. The rear of the car made in the traditional style for all types of cars which had been made in the company Audi. Behind the car Audi A4 2017 also are located LED lights.

audi a4 2017 front

audi a4 2017 front

It is based on the platform MLB 2nd generation (due to this, mostly, and able to reduce the vehicle weight by as much as 120 kg). Front and rear flaunting new five-link suspension. As an option – dual-mode, adjustable dampers: sport and standard. In the “standard” auto clearance lower 10 mm, and “sport” mode as much as 23 mm.

Presentation, dates and prices.

Public demonstration will be held this autumn in Frankfurt International Motor Show. The company could save the traditional design flavors, so that the car design in the new body will not be a big surprise. The connoisseurs of this manufacturer were waiting for this new car for a long time and now they can read the most interesting facts about it. The price of the new Audi A4 2017 isn’t being named yet, but soon we will know it.

audi a4 2017 back

audi a4 2017 back

Audi A4 2017 – changes.

The interior became more spacious than an order of magnitude, for the most part by increasing the wheelbase sizes. There was made extra 23 cm for legs, for convenience to people who will sit behind. The front panel is completely new. The instrument panel is equipped with a 12.3-inch screen. A display infotainment system diameter of 8.3 inches supports by voice control, connectivity LTE, Android Auto, and also Car Play. The back seat passengers will be glad, too, because for them there are two displays, 10.1 inches in diameter with auto sound control function.

Multifunctional steering wheel has acquired with a new form. The driver and passenger seats will excellent repeat their anatomical form. The equipment consists of cruise control, blind spot monitoring system, parking assistant system circular view area.

audi a4 2017 interior

audi a4 2017 interior

With top engine version sedan will disperse hundred for 5.3 seconds. As transmission there is a six-speed mechanical, robot 7 STronic, and also eight-automatic Tiptronic. Producers promise that after a while engine range will further expand, particularly due to the appearance of hybrid versions with the possibility of charging the battery from the network 220 V.

The dimensions of the new Audi A4 car stand are:
• the length of the sedan has grown up for 25 mm and amounted to 4,726 m;
• width of 16 mm and is now equal to 1.842 m;
• wheelbase was able to stretch out as much as 12 mm and become equal to 2.820 m;
• height has not changed – 1,427 m;
• the drag coefficient also decreased and now become equal to 0.23, which will greatly reduce the fuel consumption;
• The weight of the car dropped to 120 kg.

The range of power units presented four and six of cylinders inflatable turbo petrol and diesel engines.

On the petrol version of the new Audi A4 is set 3 assembly:
1. The turbocharged four-cylinder version, it’s power is 150 hp;
2. The two-liter engine with 190- and 249- capacity.
The latter has four-wheel drive Quattro and dispersed to hundred of 5.8 seconds.

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9 Photos of the Introducing New Audi A4 2017

audi a4 2017 interioraudi a4 2017 backaudi a4 2017 interioraudi a4 2017 interioraudi a4 2017 frontaudi a4 2017 backaudi a4 2017audi a4 2017 frontaudi a4 2017 dash

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