Isuzu Panther 2016

Developed mainly for the Asian markets this pickup truck has grown popular as an affordable and sufficiently powerful vehicle. In some countries the model is known as the Chevrolet Tavera, being a product of the Japanese automaker’s cooperation with General Motors. The Panther is good enough for carrying people and cargo. The Isuzu engineers took into account all the conditions the car would meet, that means roads, climate, social peculiarities etc., and made it rather durable. The truck’s history numbers two generations and two facelifts. The new Isuzu Panther 2016 will be produced mainly at an Indonesian facility, but it is said to be available on the European and American markets too.

Design overview

Isuzu Panther 2016 suv

Classified as a compact car the Panther is built on a lightweight version of the GMT platform. A hard rear axle unifies it with the Isuzu TF/TFR pickups. The next-gen car will be offered in three trims: the S, RS and LS. All the trims are able to accommodate seven passengers. Additionally, buyers can order the eighth seat.

The new Panther will receive a slightly refreshed front fascia with a new chromed grill and upgraded LED headlights. A wide powerful-looking front bumper with integrated foglights and an air intake is another remarkable part of the front end. The list of exterior changes also includes a black aluminum footboard and 15-inch alloy wheels. To the current bodywork colors – Ash Beige, Splash White, Garnet Red and Cosmic Black – Dark Silver and Hunter Green will be added.

Isuzu Panther 2016 interior

Although the interior of the Isuzu Panther 2016 will have rather inexpensive décor, all the same, the cabin will able to satisfy car enthusiasts with its space offering seven or eight seats as it’s been mentioned before. Fitting the modern car industry standards the pickup will receive some technological enhancements including an LCD screen, USB connectivity, rear-view camera integrated into the spoiler, an anti-theft alarm and reverse parking sensors.

Engine and specifications

Isuzu Panther 2016 rear

Engine wise, the Isuzu Panther 2016 will continue the current model’s motor. This is a 2.5-liter inline-four diesel engine with the output of 85 horsepower. The base model will get a five-speed manual transmission. Optionally, the car can be equipped with a four-speed automatic gearbox. In addition, according to official information, for the new model the company will offer a reworked suspension system.







17 Photos of the Isuzu Panther 2016

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