2016 Kia truck – Mojave review

In 2004 at the Chicago Auto Exhibition the Korean automaker introduced a pickup concept called the Mojave. It was the first Kia car of its class presented in the United States. According to the company, the main purpose of this pickup’s release was consumer research, without any plan to launch it in production. Kia tried to make the concept which would be able to fit their line-up for the North America. Indeed, the Mojave can be named as a great example of Kia quality. With the goal to test buyers’ preferences Kia have managed to create a vehicle with excellent styling details. A renewed version of the Mojave is expected soon. The 2016 Kia truck is going to surprise consumers with all its features.

Design overview

2016 Kia truck presentation

To start with, the Mojave is built on the Kia Sorrento platform which fits well for pickup trucks. The pickup’s exterior design is somewhat rigorous and laconic. The relatively wide and low stance is to improve the car’s stability. The front end features an original grill with a Kia badge on it as well as chrome-framed LED headlights. The front bumper has an efficient look giving to the truck a really masculine style. The Mojave is 192 inches long, with width of 75 inches, and height of 70 inches. The spacious 71-inch cargo bed can even be enlarged to 86 inches by a power drive, and the flap tailgate can make loading or removal of heavy loads easier.2016 Kia Truck - Mojave


As far as the exterior of this 2016 Kia truck, its two-plus-two cabin is comfortable and spacious. Thanks to the ten-foot base, it can accommodate four or five passengers. The backward opening rear doors and absence of the B-pillar provide easy access to all the seats upholstered in tan leather. In the interior design the Kia developers are said to use some aircraft design details, that allowed to focus on the car’s gauges, including a central console with large graphic elements and infotainment controls. Among the technological features the Mojave can offer a computer system with a DVD drive, on-board navigation, heating and cooling systems and much more.2016 Kia Truck - Mojave


2016 Kia truck rear

Under the hood the 2016 Kia truck is expected to have a 3.8-liter inline-six 24-valve Lambda engine. It may be reinforced by a turbo or supercharger. This Hyundai-produced motor is able to generate 300 hp and 266 lb-ft. Most probably, the new Mojave’s powertrain will be supplemented by a five-speed automatic transmission. All of this will provide the car with all-wheel-drive.

17 Photos of the 2016 Kia truck – Mojave review

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