Named The Price Of New Lexus RX 2016

In the beginning of April, 2015, there was auto presentation in New-York. The fourth generation of popular Lexus RX model range was formally represented here. This premium sport utility vehicle is a legendary automobile in all over the world. The first automobile of this model range appeared in 1998. Since then there were a lot of changes. For the whole time of its existing more than 2,1 million cars were sold. This model belongs to luxury class and therefore it costs a lot. It is impossible to learn 2016 Lexus RX price yet. But there some rumors, by them it will be around $52000. It is equipped with almost all interfaced technologies and powerful engine.
 Lexus RX 2016

Exterior Description

The new model has bigger dimensions. It is longer and wider than the automobile of the previous generation. That’s why 2016 Lexus RX price is higher. Wheel base is also increased. It is more in 50 mm. But the height of the SUV is less. That provides more stable and confident driving on the road, and more difficult travelling out of road. The exterior design is very attractive. Massive front bumper is divided into two parts with huge radiator grille in the shape of hourglass. Headlights look solid and in the bottom corners of them there are LED running daylights in L-shape. Streamlined form of car body with sharp lines gives the new automobile more speedy and aggressive look.
 Lexus RX 2016

Interior Description

Inside the new car of RX model range there is everything for enjoyable driving. It is really spacious and cozy. Driver’s seat and steering wheel are made in really comfort combination for persons with any weight and height. Stylish dashboard with projection display, modern outstanding multimedia system with huge 12.3-inch touch screen on the central console and the steering wheel with optimal size and location – all of these provide high level of comfort during driving. Front and back seats have electric actuator and heating even on the edges of back seat. Also, for passengers there are two displays equipped in headboards of front seats. Moreover, as it was already mentioned, the cabin is extremely spacious. Five adult persons can travel by the SUV simultaneously. So, passengers will enjoy sitting in the new Lexus RX.
 Lexus RX 2016

Technical Characteristics

2016 Lexus RX price seems to be high but it can be explained b its technical characteristics. Under the hood of this SUV there is 3.5 l V6 powerful engine. It is able to generate 300 horsepower. The engine is supported by 8-speed automatic transmission. In addition to it, the new RX can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 6 sec.

8 Photos of the Named The Price Of New Lexus RX 2016

Lexus RX 2016Lexus RX 2016Lexus RX 2016Lexus RX 2016Lexus RX 2016Lexus RX 2016Lexus RX 2016Lexus RX 2016

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