Presenting 2016 Lexus Convertible RS F

There is constant interest to sports car in all over the world. Car users choose these cars because of high speed and attractive design. Lexus RC is one of the most popular speedy cars. And 2016 Lexus Convertible RS F is much better than the previous one. It has new colors of car cabin, refreshed design of exterior and interior, and updated technologies. The automobile becomes more elegant, speedy and at the same time more safety. It will be the best choice of sports cars.
2016 Lexus Convertible RS F front

Exterior Description

The new car model is little longer than old one. It adds the automobile maneuverability. Renewed triangle headlights look like impudent glance of a panther. With its elegance and grace the appearance is extremely attractive. In the combination with black radiator grille and embossed bumper the front part of a car cabin looks aggressive and confident. Tail lights are made in the shape of lightning, zigzag. They give 2016 Lexus convertible RC F more predatory and modern look. The car cabin is represented in some new colors. They are gray, black, silver, metallic and mica. These colors embodies luxurious and grace style of a car.
2016 Lexus Convertible RS F back

Interior Description

Inside is also restyled and refreshed as the exterior. Design of interior is modern and excellent, too. Blue button, dashboard and panels illumination creates the impression of futuristic automobile. Black panels are made of high qualified plastic and make the inside more elegant and laconic. Seats are upholstered with genuine leather. There is also updated heating system. Therefore, seats are extremely soft and convenient. The central console has unordinary form. There are a lot of buttons and levers. In the center of it there is outstanding conditioning blower. And above it there is huge touch screen. Modern multimedia, navigation and infotainment systems are equipped in it. Multifunctional steering wheel allows a driver to switch the music or answer the phone keeping his mind on the road.
2016 Lexus Convertible RS F interior

Technical Characteristics

Under the massive hood of 2016 Lexus convertible RC F there is powerful hybrid 5.0 l V8 engine with 2UR-gse technology. Also, there is can be 2.5 l V6 2AR-FE and 3.5 l V6 2GR engine. They are supported by 8-speed automatic transmission. All of these modifications have excellent performance.  The new model is going to come out in the middle of 2016. The price for this incredible sports car will be around $50000.

7 Photos of the Presenting 2016 Lexus Convertible RS F

2016 Lexus Convertible RS F2016 Lexus Convertible RS F2016 Lexus Convertible RS F2016 Lexus Convertible RS F2016 Lexus Convertible RS F2016 Lexus Convertible RS F2016 Lexus Convertible RS F

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