Lexus 2016 models: Modernization in Action

Every year Lexus strikes higher achieving inimitable progress in automobile construction and framework modernization. In 2016 the Japanese company is planning release of the five hottest Lexus 2016 models on the car market: Lexus GS F, Lexus NX, Lexus RX, Lexus ES, and Lexus LS. All future models are following the innate features of individual aggressive design, functional driving, and matchless power.
2016-Lexus models

Lexus GS F

New model of the F series – Lexus GS F – is a vehicle with its own striking character and individuality. Improved aerodynamics and enhanced cooling is achieved with the help of newly-developed stacked exhaust diffusers, back bumper, big air ducts, and carbon fiber lower grill molding. The main exterior features are low, savage, and vigorous lines and proportions. Sporty-adjusted seats alongside with anti-skid slits are developed to provide comfortable sporty driving. Speaking about power, the car will have 5.0 liter V8 engine capable of 389 lb-ft torque and 467 horsepower.
Lexus GS F 2016

Lexus NX

Higher clearance and aggressive appearance makes new NX model quite suitable for the urban driving. Though, on the city streets it is good as well. The name says for itself and means ‘nimble crossover’. The vehicle is coming in three types: sport, turbo, and hybrid. Back seat and overhead space as well as luggage capacity is impressively large for such a comparatively tiny SUV. All models provide 6-level transmission.

Lexus RX

RX model identity is marked by sophistication, elegance, and attitude. The instrument panel, parts of the door, and wheel are covered with innovative anti-slip and anti-glare material. Such feature as body rigidity reassures the best union of safety, productivity, and stability on the road. 20-inch wheel made of aluminum and widened tires perfects proportions and stance.

Luxury is the second name of the new Lexus ES model. ES is available in two variations – with standard V6 and powerful hybrid motor. Intelligent system of Electronically Controlled Transmission affords smooth road-change feeling, fuel control, and enhances performance. There will be four navigation modes – Eco, Normal, Sport, and EV. The last one grants battery driving on the short distances. Eco mode is destined for fuel economy.
Lexus ES 2016

Lexus LS

Dynamic but still uniquely responsive driving is combined with refined splendid interior and bold defiant exterior in Lexus LS. Materials used for the interior design are called to combine luxury feeling with functional approach. This car is powerful enough to produce 438 horsepower. State-of-the-art hybrid technology is supplied with V8 gasoline motor and smart electric system.
Lexus LS

16 Photos of the Lexus 2016 models: Modernization in Action

Lexus rxLexus NXLexus NXLexus ESLexus GS-FLexus ESLexus GS-FLexus rxRX-exteriorLexus ES 2016

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