Luxurious Sedan Hyundai Centennial 2016 for Real Connoisseurs

Since the last year, a renewed model produced by Hyundai has been known under two names – Centennial and Equus, depending on the country of distribution. It is built on the basis of Genesis platform.

Hyundai Centennial 2016 Side View

Interior and Exterior Design

“Comfort” is the leitmotiv word in the characteristic of Hyundai Centennial 2016. Though, it can’t boast of huge amount of space in the rear part of the vehicle, but the car provides perfect accommodation for its four passengers. A lot of modern safety equipment has been recently added to the model’s components. They are as follows: blind-spot monitors, multi-view camera module, warning system of lane-departure, full set of airbags (nine of them), and cruise control. One may also find the high-class leather upholstery of the cabin. Moreover, all the drivers will definitely appreciate the heated and ventilated seat as well as controls placed on the steering-wheel.

Hyundai Centennial 2016 Interior

Among the exterior changes one may notice slightly redesigned lines of the car body, multi spoke wheels with 19-inch diagonal, and LED turn indicators. The best balance of Hyundai Centennial 2016 is achieved via the rear wheel driving system.

Technical Features

Perhaps, one of the car parts that don’t need any refinements for the present moment is its V8 5L engine featuring 429 hp and 376 lb-ft. The engine also shows 60 mph in less than 6 seconds with the maximum speed rate of 250 hp. The gearbox is special too – it’s an 8-speed automatic one; however, drivers can switch it manually, if wish to do this.

Hyundai Centennial 2016 Back View

Pricing and Release Time

Depending on a trim version, the price of Hyundai Centennial 2016 will be approximately $62-69 thousand, which is, though, 10-15% less than models from Lexus and Mercedes with similar characteristics. This means that you’ll get a really luxurious automobile for a less sum of money. Besides, we’ll see it very soon (in a couple of months).

17 Photos of the Luxurious Sedan Hyundai Centennial 2016 for Real Connoisseurs

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