Meet a Product of BMW-Toyota Partnership Called the 2016 BMW Z4

The original Z model was first released in 2002 and was available in two variants – coupe and convertible. The newest model named 2016 BMW Z4 designed in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation will be even more powerful and magnificent-looking. At the present moment, we do not have much official information about the upcoming roadster and can only speculate on the features and specifications of the car.

Exterior Details

A concept of the next-generation model doesn’t mean that its outside look will be changed a lot. Probably, we will see only the refreshment of some features. The two exhaust pipes and a hardcore rear bumper frame the rear side of the Z4 model with a slightly flattered deck. A low-set recognizable grill with redesigned Xenon headlights and L-shape LED taillights will make it excellent-looking. The retracting roof also looks very nice, especially in a combination with the matte wheels. General dimensions are to be 4.24 x 1.8 m with the total weight of 1,580 kg.

2016 BMW Z4 Interior

Interior Details

The interior will be actually all-new, starting with a color shift (from dark-grey to black) and ending with the new comfortable leather seats and infotainment system designed specially for this car (including a digital dashboard, player and audio system, conditioner and air filtration, push-button start, Bluetooth, and USB etc.). The two dark driver-memory seats will be with luxurious leather trim that will contrast with tan leather on the dashboard and seat sides. 2016 BMW Z4 will also be a very safe automobile with its ABS brake system, a package of airbags, tubeless tires and low tire pressure warning.

Engine Specifications

There expected to be several variants of engines used in the model. The first one is a V4 2.0L engine that makes 240 horsepower. Another one is V6 3.0L that can produce 300 hp. There may be built a hybrid variant too (because of the cooperation with Toyota). However, no matter what type of engine will be implemented, it will probably be fuel-economy. 2016 BMW Z4 will also feature a rear drive and all-wheel drive layouts.

2016 BMW Z4 Rear

Availability and Pricing Policy

This sports car will become available for purchasing the next year or maybe even at the end of the current one (the exact date is unknown at this moment), if the rumors may be trusted. Unfortunately, now we can only make the predictions as for the price of the new Z4 that may be about $45,000 – 70,000.

10 Photos of the Meet a Product of BMW-Toyota Partnership Called the 2016 BMW Z4

2016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z42016 BMW Z4 Rear2016 BMW Z4 Interior2016 BMW Z4 Front

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