New 2016 Cadillac EXT

Those, who are fans of cars with typically American traits, must have been waiting for a new vehicle – 2016 Cadillac EXT, which production is planned to be in 2016. Cadillac has already proved its work by producing greatest cars, combining ideal exterior design with excellent stuffing. And now in the future 2016 producers are ready to present their customers a new model of pickup. Earlier these models were extremely popular among consumers, so now the situation must be even better.
The difference between the latest models and the new one will be seen in inner reconstruction and some stuffing.

More innovations

The first and one of the most significant innovations is V8 engine. When you try to ride the car, you will for sure feel the power of 403 horses of the engine with 6,2 liters. This is a huge power for huge car. Though the car is equipped with powerful engine, it was made lighter, which makes it possible to think of fuel economy.

Though the car is treated to be a sport car, 2016 Cadillac EXT combined luxury and elegant interior design. Leather inside, huge space, 5 places for passengers. Actually there is still not much information known about the details of the model.

Safety is at the first place


What should be admitted is that producers and designers paid much attention to the safety of passengers inside. They added a lot of gadgets, which provide the safety of every passenger in the cabin. They are system of anti-thief, updated airbags, new brake system.

Refreshed design


According to the new information, designers tried to breath a new life into the exterior design of the car. Now it will be a new combination of luxury and masculinity. New headlights, new shape of grid, four doors, huge space inside, where more than five people can sit, huge wheels. All in all it looks bigger, tougher, more aggressive.

Presentation and price

None knows exactly about the time of its release. According to the available data the release should be expected in the beginning of the year 2016. A bit later it will be possible to buy this car in the markets of your country.

As to the price, it will vary from about $72.000 to $77.000. But there may be some changes closer to the release moment and when the sales start, because there is still no exact information.

2016 Cadillac EXT is expected to be a really good renovation of its previous version. We will all wait for the release to evaluate the work of producers and designers. It all this is true, it will be a good car for a big family or a huge company.

14 Photos of the New 2016 Cadillac EXT

2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT2016 Cadillac EXT Inside2016 Cadillac EXT Front2016 Cadillac EXT

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