New 2016 Ferrari California Will Be Unveiled Soon

One bird told us that on of the most famous automobile brands in the world is preparing a new car to be released very soon. These rumors relate to the 2016 Ferrari California model, of course. As we know, the company focuses on the elegant-looking cars with great performance and excellent functionality. The vehicle is expected to satisfy all the choosiest customers and offer an exiting driving experience. It is a truly decent Ferrari car that proves its high name and status.

Interior and Exterior Design Features

It goes without saying that the newest generation of the California model shares a couple of similarities with the previous one. However, its design and styling may be characterized as more modern and futuristic with more smoothed lines and prolonged headlights. Some features have been revised and redesigned, including the exhaust pipes. Unfortunately, we have just a little information about the exact refinements in our disposal.

2016 Ferrari California Interior

The inner part of 2016 Ferrari California cabin is definitely expected to be trimmed only with a high-quality natural leather of elegant color. Only 2 sport seats offered for passengers will provide them with a plenty of room and comfort. Current model features a 6.5-inch display, while the upcoming one will be released with a bigger version of multimedia control system for the more convenient driving process. Besides, a newly-redesigned steering wheel with a firm logo has control buttons placed on it.

Engine Specifications

Incredible car requires at least the same engine. It is especially true of Ferrari and its twin turbocharged 4.3L V8 engine working together with a seven-speed automatic transmission. This variant may boast of 553 horsepower and 557 lb-ft of torque, being a fuel-friendly option, by the way. It is already known that the vehicle will be able to accelerate up to 60 miles in just 4 seconds. The maximum speed will be rated as 200 mph respectively. The rear-wheel drive will be also offered for the customers.

2016 Ferrari California Rear View

Release Date and Pricing Policy

2016 Ferrari California is going to show up in all its beauty and power somewhere in the next year. Its main competitors will be such cars as Aston Martin Roadster and Porsche 911 Turbo. Experts and analytics dealing with automobile business suggest that its price will be approximately $200,000. So, it won’t be available for everyone, actually. Though, it’s a high-class vehicle of a luxury level – that should be an obvious thing.

12 Photos of the New 2016 Ferrari California Will Be Unveiled Soon

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  1. Dick Ellynth says:

    Of course, this new Ferrari California is screaming about its aggressiveness and speed. It will be a real passion for those who like to drive fast. It is proved to be a great, both on the motorway and on winding country road.

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