New Audi Q2 2016 – Specs and details

Audi concern has always been one of the world leaders in the car industry. The developed several lines of cars, though they have never been cheap. Audi means quality, status, comfort, elegance and safety. All the cars preserve well-known design, special traits. When you see any of the cars, you can define particularly Audi without a mistake. So, this year the team of Audi are preparing their new child to be shown – new Audi Q2 2016. As a usual, people are waiting for this model as other vehicles of Audi, because it is always something new and pleasant. Let’s collect some general moment about the novelty and decide the main things, which are awaited.

Design and style – new and pleasant

2016 Audi Q2 exterior

New Audi Q2 2016 is a crossover with new and refreshed characteristics, both outside the car and inside of it. The first thing, which was mentioned about the car was her size – though it is a crossover, it will be designed as small as possible. Audi has never done such small crossovers, so now they are working extremely careful and it will be a good and interesting experiment both for producers and for public. Other crossovers for the same concern were quite popular in many countries previous years, so it will be interesting, what will happen this time.

2016 Audi Q2 concept

The engine will be available for diesel and gasoline variations, which is extremely convenient for users, who have their own habits and preferences. All in all the cabin and details under the hood will be preserved practically the same, because the main part of attention will be added to the size of the car. As a usual, everything will be made elegant and comfortable – smooth cabin lines, luxury materials in the cabin, qualitative electronics. All the details are combined so that they look and work perfectly together, actually, as a usual.

Waiting for the presentation

2016 Audi Q2 new

Customers are really waiting for the new Audi Q2 2016 to appear at the market. As to the information for the producers, it will be presented ad told about in Geneva next year as the next car show will take place at that time. The prices were not announced yet. Maybe engineers would like to make some extra changes during the final works. The car is based on the previous Q1 platform, but now a lot of innovations has been made and the car is planning to move to the elite class. So, as you understand, the price should rise too. But as you know, it is difficult to trust rumors, so we will better wait for the next car show and see the real situation on the presentation.

17 Photos of the New Audi Q2 2016 – Specs and details

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