New Exciting 2016 Acura TSX Is Coming

The one of three models which will be represented by Acura manufacturer as the beginning of new generation will be TSX. 2016 Acura TSX is represented as middle-sized sedan. It has incredibly attractive and stylish appearance. The automobile is going to be luxurious vehicle for rich and wealthy car users in all aver the world. It is expected to be one of the most popular and best sedans, thanks to it technical characteristics and attractiveness.

2016 Acura TSX front
Exterior Description
The front part of the car body is going to be absolutely restyled. LED daytime headlights look like diamonds making its appearance more grace and luxurious. Constricted amidst and cocked on the periphery of lights, they create an impression of predatory wild glance. Thanks to the effect the automobile looks aggressive and invincible. The radiator grill is also renewed and looks really modern with wide and thin chrome strips. Designers creating tail lights likely had wonderful inspiration. Tail lights have incredible shape in a futuristic way.

2016 Acura TSX back
Interior Description
2016 Acura TSX is equipped with a lot of modern technologies to provide comfort driving and safety. There is adopted cruise control system allowing a driver to relax upon the road. Automatic braking is used only at low speeds and it helps to avoid accidents. Monitoring mechanisms for blind spots provide controlling situations on the road in any conditions. All these systems are in the car and they can be controlled through the 7-inch touch screen on the central console. Also, there are multimedia and navigation system which provide comfort during travelling. All details inside the automobile are made of high-quality materials. Therefore the interior looks extremely stylish and modern, and it will stay the same for years of using.

2016 Acura TSX interior
Technical Characteristics
2016 Acura TSX will be represented in several modifications. The first one is going to have 3.5 l V6 engine. Also, this one will have only front-wheel drive. This powerful engine promises to produce 280 HP. The other one modification will have 3.7 l V6 engine. And this model will have all-wheels drive. This engine is able to generate about 305 horsepower. The third one will have got 2.4 l V4 engine. It is less powerful and is capable of producing 206 horsepower. The new TSX will cost about $30000, depending on modification. Firrstly it will come out in the end of 2015.

7 Photos of the New Exciting 2016 Acura TSX Is Coming

2016 Acura TSX2016 Acura TSX2016 Acura TSX2016 Acura TSX2016 Acura TSX2016 Acura TSX2016 Acura TSX

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