2016 GMC trucks. Model design & specs review.

GM’s division GMC is a recognized leader on the truck market. During several decades the company produced over 25 truck models. Its model range consists of light, medium and heavy trucks. Today GMC’s top selling models are the Canyon and the Sierra line-up which represent mid-size trucks. And the company is going to release the upgraded versions of these vehicles soon. The 2016 GMC trucks are expected to have advanced technologies, more options and higher prices. The models will come in several trims with two-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.

2016 GMC Canyon

The Canyon is a truck perfectly created for transporting large loads. It shares the GMT 31XX platform with the Chevrolet Colorado. The model is distinguished with elegant outlines, high-tech features and great performance. The 2016 model, which can be considered as the second generation of the Canyon, will come with a few changes including a new turbo diesel engine.

2016 GMC Canyon

In the truck segment the new Canyon will obviously rival the Nissan Frontier, Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma. According to expert assessments, the GMC truck can exceed in excellent packaging, great road manners and powertrain which shows pure performance and better fuel economy.
Depending on the trim this representative of the 2016 GMC trucks will feature different infotainment and safety systems such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity, lane departure warning, trailer sway control, forward collision warning and others.
While the previous version was equipped only with a 2.5-liter V4 engine, for the new Canyon’s powertrain there will be two options. The first choice is a 2.8-liter V4 turbo diesel Durmax engine delivering over 200 hp. The second option is a petrol engine which has approximately the same output but in V6 form and displacement of 4.3 liters.

 2016 GMC Sierra

This model is a modification of the Chevrolet Silverado. The Sierra can be named as an excellent working horse which has the best qualities in hauling and towing. With strong performance it also shows good fuel economy. The new version will get a new design with more strongly and clearly defined styling, plush cabin upholstery, advanced technologies and new powertrain.

2016 GMC Sierra

The upcoming Sierra is said to receive a new front fascia. Moreover, each trim will come with a slightly different grill. The car will be equipped with new LED headlights and C-shaped taillights. Overall, the Sierra’s design is refined and muscular expressing the traditional GMC style.

The truck will continue engines with large displacement. The base model will be equipped with the 4.3-liter V6 motor. The other options are a 5.3-liter V8 engine producing 355 hp and a 6.2-liter V8 power unit with output of 420 hp.

2016 GMC Sierra interior

The Sierra is expected to be the most expensive model of the 2016 GMC trucks. The price of the top trims may reach $60,000.

10 Photos of the 2016 GMC trucks. Model design & specs review.

2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Sierra2016 GMC Canyon2016 GMC Sierra interior

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