New Spects of Audi A6 2017

Audi A6 – elegant and prestigious sedan of business class. Having familiarized with the official information and photos of this year, experts are talking about a large-scale upgrade of the model. And although the novelty will be presented only in 2017 on one of the largest motor show, we already know that the car has received. There will be updated headlights, dynamic, sporty design, advanced technology, the changed dimensions and specifications. Some elements, such as interior decoration materials were borrowed from the next model – the Audi A7.

2017 Audi A6 front

New Audi A6 2017– what new

As a major change experts updated lighting equipment. The updated sedan passes the expressive form of the front headlamps. Inside expressive LED concurrent lines diverge at an angle. The main space is occupied headlight LED matrix – but so far only in the form of options.

Electronic control allows these lights to go on the road and out of town with the main beam continuously, without dazzling oncoming cars with drivers. The rear turn signals become dynamic: the color moves from the center to the edge, suggesting the direction of driving. All Audi cars have excellent business-class 18-inch wheels; this new model is also not the exception.
Presentation, dates and prices.

The price of all equipment has increased, but at the same time, developers were able to reduce car costs of maintaining. The cars of the Audi brand has always been comfortable and the wheel and in the passenger seat. Manage the new Audi A6 is easy and convenient. German engineers without saving innovations have allowed transforming the process of managing a pleasure. Therefore, this model has attracted to connoisseurs of business class cars.

2017 Audi A6 back

Audi A6 2017 – changes

In addition to the major changes in lighting technology, the German developers have improved comfort in the saloon and introduced new technologies, in particular the updated multimedia. The navigation system has been renewed Google Maps, they are known for their realism, while the ordinary is more similar to the scheme and does not provide pictorial representation of surrounding objects. The multimedia system has been updated graphics thanks to NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and with it many new features. They are: the ability to play video from a USB flash drive, play music services streams, connect to mobile operators through access to the network and much more.

Unfortunately, the media are not equipped with a Touchscreen, the driver still has to pay attention to the buttons, to distract at them, to choose the desired menu item. Such control can be called uncomfortable: it is necessary to be distracted from the road, his eyes lowered down because the buttons are located next to the gear lever. It should be noted the uniqueness of new security systems that can report on a possible collision.


New model Audi A6 2017 is shown in the photo salon unchanged: the design inside the car remained the same, renewed only finishing materials. In particular, there is glued veneer, which has proven itself in the salon older brother – Audi A7. Added developers and pleasant trifle: acoustic windows, which allowed to significantly reducing the noise level in the cabin.

The new Audi A6 in 2017 represented a wide ruler of power units: from 9 engines, borrowed as in the new Audi Q7 platform, 4 petrol and 5 diesels. All of this is compliant with Euro standard 6. The basic model presented 3 liter engine with a power of 272 horsepower. The car accelerates to 100 km per hour in 6.2 seconds. For the discerning customer can be equipped with updated engine producing 336 horsepower and an automatic 8-speed transmission.

10 Photos of the New Spects of Audi A6 2017

2017-Audi-A6-interior2017 Audi A6 back2017-Audi-A6-interior2017 Audi A6 back2017 Audi A6 front2017-Audi-A6-interior2017 Audi A6 front2017 Audi A6 front2017 Audi A6 front2017 Audi A6 back

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