Nissan Teana 2016


The new automobile is modified and eliminated unnecessary details. Now the new Nissan Teana may compete with a lot of similar cars and not only with its design but also with its technical characteristics. This car got a practicality and laconicism that is especially appreciated by modern road-users.

Nissan Teana 2016 exterior front


There are not so many changes in the appearance of new car. But designers did some conversions to make the engine vehicle more modern and attractive. Appearance of the new car kept male lines, severe, but soft outlines. Attractiveness consists not only in external dimensions, but also in refinement and esthetics. The front and back parts of the body are redesigned a little. The lights are only LED, as daytime running as taillights. Under the rear bumper also is the double exhaust system. It gives the power and confidence to the car.

Nissan Teana 2016 exterior back


The Nissan Teana 2016 has a lot of advantages because of its interior. There are many new technologies and modern materials. The cabin combines in itself sport and luxury styles. A driver and passengers will feel comfort and convenient thanks to very spacious cabin. Also, there is the automatically atmospheric controlling. Soft calfskin upholstered seating have electric heating. The multimedia system has a satellite connection. 9 speakers provide the clear and all-around sounds. So people get an incredibly enjoyable sense driving this car.

Nissan Teana 2016 interior

Technical Characteristics

Like many new cars, the new Nissan Teana model has improved and renewed engine. It is 2.5 l V-6 engine in the base grade but also will be 3.5 l engine in the duo grade. The power of the first car is 182 HP and has six-speed automatic gearbox. And it also has 170 Nm of torque. The second one has 270 HP and 244 Nm of torque. Therefore, the fans of power and speed, in a high life rhythm people can choose the second model whereas the first one is suitable for family and self-assured people. Continuous variable transmission gives the comfort and smooth driving on the high speeds. Also, this engine provides the fuel efficiency as in the city as on the highway.
As for safety, there are 6 air-bags, anti-lock braking system, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, a rear view camera and other interface technologies that help a driver to control the situation on the road and be in safe. So the car is wonderfully combines power, safety and confident.

11 Photos of the Nissan Teana 2016

Nissan Teana 2016 interiorNissan Teana 2016 exterior backNissan Teana 2016 exterior frontNissan Teana 2016

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