Nissan Tiida 2016

The new Nissan Tiida 2016 model is the most adapted to city conditions. This car is suitable as for family as for men with the sense of style and fashion. There are several grades for different road-users, from fans to professionals. It is not only practical, but also solid car with all modern technologies and conveniences.

Nissan Tiida 2016 Exterior front


The appearance of new Tiida model is similar to previous one and to other Nissan models. For example, the V-shaped radiator grille, that overcomes to lines on the cowl. And big head lights with impressive sized front bumper give the appearance power and solidity. Aperture panels are ticked up and wheel arches are high and accurate, that provides the dynamic and precipitance look. The rear bumper has a spoiler and in combination with boomerang-shape taillights they make a car more sporting. It is possible to say by its appearance that this car can make high speeds having confidence and stability on the road.

Nissan Tiida 2016 Exterior back


As well as by appearance, by interior of the car it is possible to tell a lot about car characteristics too. This model has some grades. The base set has only front-seats heating, reflex mirrors warming, power window regulator and air-conditioning. In principle, these elements are useful and gives the comfort and pleasant in driving. But in more expensive grades there are so many new technologies and convenient devices so the driver can only enjoy on the road. There are such conveniences as dual-zone climate control, intellectual system of access to salon and some other functions.
As for cabin design, it is made of leather or combined with textile. The dashboard is made of high-quality plastic and all units are located in handy way. There is the 5.8-inch display with all modern programs, applications and connections. The control can be made from the steering wheel, where are all the buttons. So a driver can operate all systems and drive simultaneously.

Nissan Tiida 2016 interor

Technical Characteristics

The 2016 Nissan Tiida model has very attractive technical characteristics. There is the 1.6 l engine with 117 HP. It provides the confident and smooth driving in the combination with five-speed mechanical transmission. But it is in the base grade. In the more expensive variants there are automatic transmission and variable ratio mechanism. So it tells that the car is suitable for city conditions. Also, it has a fuel efficiency in the city.

11 Photos of the Nissan Tiida 2016

Nissan Tiida 2016 interorNissan Tiida 2016Nissan Tiida 2016 Exterior backNissan Tiida 2016 Exterior front

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3 Responses

  1. Ronda hummingbird says:

    Auto looks pretty good. But confusing is that there is no choice of motors. But overall, the new Nissan Tiida is a striking car with all the right amenities and rates.

  2. Yorik Spark says:

    Good car. I cannot say anything bad about new version of Nissan Tiida. Beautiful and discreet sprinkler coupled with very good performance. What else is needed for hatchback?

  3. Emoy Lessey says:

    I was just looking for good SUV. And I think I found what I was looking for. This Nissan Xterra seems to be very reliable, and its size is not too big and not too small.

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