Redesigned 2017 Audi TT

Audi has declared the imminent emergence of a charged variant of their sports coupe 2017 Audi TT. Such masthead variation is presently undergoing its ultimate tests on the common highway and on Nurburgring ring. This novelty must obtain updated appearance and turbocharged very powerful motor that will give this compacted coupe cool dynamical performance. At the same time by sight the new item has streamlined exhaust system and diminished ground clearance.

In accordance with the designers, this variant of a charged of Audi TT will have renewed aero package, the elaboration of which was conducted with the help of computer technologies. Photospies have embodied on photos the mule, under what this Audi TT is hidden. As we have already mentioned visually, this product has streamlined exhaust system and diminished clearance. New head and back bumpers add this coupe more aggressiveness and will allow at the first onset to define the sports variant of the automobile.


Specifications of the new item

Under not confirmed data, this sports 2017 Audi TT will be equipped with 5-cylinder turbocharged motor, volume of which makes 2,5 liters. It worth to say that the automaker has developed this power set for some years and applied the most advanced technologies in it. This Audi TT will be dispersed to hundred in less than four seconds and a maximum speed will make 280 kilometers\hour. Developers succeeded to remove four hundred horsepower from such concerning small in capacity engine, which will grant easy coupe Audi TT with real whirlwind boost. The applying of plural automatic control system and cohesion monitoring will refine the dynamic and will have affirmative influence on safety productivity of this automobile.

We already are familiar with the fact that the new coupe will be equipped with robotic sports gearbox DSG with DQ500 index. These are transmissions of new generation from Audi, which provides splendid transfer of motor power and vastly accelerates the shifting of gears in the semi automatic regimen. Today, such a transmission is established on the car Audi RS3. 7-speed automatic device with 2 clutches permits the driver to feel assertive in the conditions of tight urban flow of transport, and in high-speed piloting on suburban routes. On guarantees of the German experts Audi, 2.5-liter turbocharged unit with such variation of the gearbox will can fully actualize its dynamic capacity.


Exterior design

Complexion of the new loaded coupe will change altogether a little. Refresh aero package would give the car a sporty and vigorous look. The headlights will also be renewed, they will get ameliorated LED-optics. This will refine the safety of vehicle control at night. There also will be stamping in the zone of the hood, which will assist readily to define the fresh sports modification.


Changes of the interior

There are no drastic updates in the saloon of the novelty. New options of the color gamut of cabin design and modernized sports seats should appear. At the same time the center console, instrument panel, and automatic gears selector rocker would remain unchanged. It should be said that the quality of the materials used in the decoration and vehicle ergonomics are on top even in the basic version.
Today there is no data on the date of the starts of sales of new auto. We only are aware of the fact that the novelty will emerge in dealer shops only in 2017. Contemporaneously with the world debut of the new version of the loaded coupe it will appear in shops of Russian dealers. There is also no info on the cost of a new car.

8 Photos of the Redesigned 2017 Audi TT


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