Renovated And Exquisite Cadillac Convertible 2016


The convertible cars appeared long time ago. Cadillac Eldorado first model was represented in 1952. Since then there were a lot of changes not only in the car market, but also in technologies and in the world at all. But appearanceof Eldorado is the most recognizable among other automobiles. And the new Cadillac Eldorado Convertible is in step with the times and even going a little forward. The 2016 model is based on the Cadillac Ciel Concept that was represented in 2011. The new Eldorado is extremely elegant and attractive; no one will be indifferent looking at it.
2016 Cadillac Convertible Exterior front

Exterior Description

This Cadillac Convertible 2016 combines in it all the best characteristics. The car body is streamlined and laconic, so it looks really modern and graceful. Daytime LED running headlights are very narrow and rise on the hood. They give the automobile incredibly confident and straight look. There is black radiator grillethat does the car belonging to a species. Along the relief hood from the grille there are two straight lines with air vents. Aside on splash aprons there are also air vents with horizontal bars. They add the vehicle aerodynamic. The car looks modern and at the same time classic.
2016 Cadillac Convertible Exterior back

Interior Description

Eldorado is the luxurious car, so the inner part is made of only premium and exclusive materials. So inside is incredibly convenient, spacious and enjoyable. Panels are made of Brazilian Rosewood and lit titanium.Seats are made of Camel colored genuine leather. Design is the mixture of old-fashioned look and modernized features. As for technologies, there are only interfaced and updated systems. The dashboard is digital and also there is big touch screen for multimedia system. All things that a driver need during driving are located near at hand. It permits a driver to run all the systems keeping his mind on the road.
2016 Cadillac Convertible Interior

Technical Characteristics

This convertible automobile is really powerful. Because under long and graceful hood there is 4.9 l V8 twin turbo engine. It is able to generate more than 500 HP. So this coupe will be forward everywhere. The car was made on the Omega platform. Therefore it has rear wheel drive as the most elegant convertible coupe. It will come on the car market only in 2016. Car users in all over the world are waiting for this luxury car. The exact price is unknown yet, but there is speculation, that it will cost around $80000. This price is affordable for the incomparable automobile.

11 Photos of the Renovated And Exquisite Cadillac Convertible 2016

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