Representing of New Lamborghini Diablo 2016

Very soon the new Lamborghini Diablo 2016 will be presented to the world. It is should be noted that namely this won the hearts of manufacturers and many motorists. What here to speak, if it is the only product of the company, which was produced under the supervision Chrysler. And now this historically important car goes on the market in a new guise.
Introduced in 1990, this supercar immediately got into Guinness Book of Records – as the most powerful and high-speed sports car of “general use.” “Lamborghini Diablo” was created as a successor of very popular in its time model “Lamborghini Countach”. Work on the design of the new car was headed by the famous Marcello Gandini. The design of “Lamborghini Diablo” was not too different from the “Countach”. However, the volume of the engine was increased to 5.7 liters, and power – up to 492 horsepower. Going back in modern times, now this car is also revered and appreciated by all fans of the principles those are set by the creators of Diablo. This car will look also good in 2016 and it will have strong technical specifications.

Lamborghini Diablo 2016 front

The exterior

If to talk about the design of the novelty it remains the same elegant, stylish, sporty and luxury. The body is made from light, super strong materials: steel, aluminum and Kevlar. The whole process of manufacturing and fitting is done manually by experienced craftsmen. You can open and close the roof of the care whenever you want. The front part of the car is very dynamic and looks quite aggressive.

Lamborghini Diablo 2016 back

The interior

The cabin of this sports car is also made in the best traditions of the manufacturer of this model. Black is the predominant color here, but red accents are also here. The dashboard is made of high quality leather in black and red colors. Seat upholstery also continues the same style. Two passengers will feel themselves as comfortable as possible here. The steering wheel as always id equipped with the manufacturer’s logo. In short, the car is produced for the most rapid and comfortable ride.

Lamborghini Diablo 2016 interior

The power units

From a technical point of view, the new model meets the spirit of the tradition of Lamborghini. And although at the moment it is difficult to talk about any kind of accurate indicators. We can assume that the novelty will receive strong V10 engine with the capacity in 500 hp which will be placed within the framework directly behind passengers. So, the long history of this model has not finished yet and we have so much more lies ahead.

2 Photos of the Representing of New Lamborghini Diablo 2016

Lamborghini Diablo 2016 back

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