The new Korean flagship Kia GT coupe 2016

The Korean company KIA is palling to release the GT concept 4-door sports vehicle. Beside of this there also will be one more sports coupe called Kia GT4 Stinger which first variant was demonstrated in 2011 on the Frankfurt motor show.

Kia GT coupe 2016 front

The engine of 2016 KIA coupe

It is known that the Kia GT coupe 2016 coupe will be represented to the world in 2016. We are waiting for a real sport car with 2+2 landing formula. This car must be the new flagship of this automaker. And the car will be equipped with two-liter petrol mover. It will go with turbocharging with the capacity in 315 HP and with the direct injection of the fuel. Also there will be available the Lambda GDI turbo V6 engine with the volume of 3.3 liter and capacity of 395 HP. The engine will work together with the automatic 8-speed gear box. It also should be noted that the flagship model will receive classic rear-wheel drive. All these excellent performance are complemented by high efficiency. So a car will consume just 7.4 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.

Kia GT coupe 2016 back

The appearance of the car

It is expected a lot of interesting stylistic solutions in the exterior of the car. It will look almost as well as its concept. Nevertheless the rear part of the vehicle obtains nonstandard solution in its design if to compare it with the concept version. But even without them, 2016 KIA coupe looks very elegant with all the characteristics of real, fast sports coupe. But in addition, to that the car will get a modern look with clear sport and attractive elements, it also will be very tender. Since many lightweight aluminum and fiber materials will be used in the development of the car, it will show us a great performance with the overall economy. We can say that this is very similar to the four-door sports sedan because it has a small front overhang, a wide hood and a longer wheelbase.

Kia GT coupe 2016 interior

The interior

While almost nothing is known about the internal filling of the novelty. But we know that it is also will not much differ from the conceptual version. Minimalism and exuberance will be combined here. The dashboard will obtain special organic transparent LED technology and the instrument cluster. Many different functions with fewer dials are presented here. The seats seem like floating and they are look as a result of innovations and accurate workmanship. With all of its sides the car is designed just for comfort, speed and usability.

12 Photos of the The new Korean flagship Kia GT coupe 2016

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