The release of the new 2016 Lamborghini Estoque

In the 2016 the world will see the new convertible car and it will be 2016 Lamborghini Estoque. Although its predecessor was not very popular it does not mean that the concept was a failure, it was just released at the wrong time. First convertible appear before us as a concept in 2015, and then, a year later, will go into production, having passed all the necessary tests.

Lamborghini-Estoque front

Power Units of the Car

In 2008 the concept was represented to us with V10 motor with the volume in 5.2L. There are rumors that the model will be ready by 2016 or a bit later. But still nobody knows what engine will be used for it. Perhaps it will be equipped with V8 or V12 engine or maybe it will be a hybrid mill. But it is certain that the vehicle as a 4-door sedan will be front-wheel one.

Lamborghini-Estoque back

The Exterior

As it was said the full-size luxury car will be presented in the form of a convertible. And there will be couple body with the couple doors. But it is not so important. And what matters is that this car will sharp like a real sword. Since the car name Estoque stands for the matador blade, manufacturers have made a good accent on it. The novelty looks simpler if to compare it with the model Aventador. 2016 Lamborghini Estoque convertible is very low to the ground and it accommodates both bent and sharp lines. This helps it to look better and be more productive. Its low front part is not equipped with a grille, but something like big air intake. Across all the back part of the new product will be made more angular, which will help us to see with what exhaust pipe it will be granted by the Italians. It will depend on the motor.

Lamborghini-Estoque interior

The Interior

If to talk about the cabin of the car it is worth to say firstly that there is no exact data on this subject. Nevertheless some things are known. Accents of aluminum and carbon fiber, premium upholstery and the leather dashboard are a few of these things. Beside of this innovative media system, navigator and many more things of the technical support from get-go will present in the novelty. The Recaro seats will go as not necessary option. However it is a great addition to such car. Of course there may be some problems with the free space as it will have low roof and sporty design.

The Price of the car

At the moment, it is difficult to speak about any exact figures, but they will be near the price of $200,000- $250,000. The new 2016 Lamborghini Estoque can be a good rival to such sports car as Aston Martin and Porsche.

17 Photos of the The release of the new 2016 Lamborghini Estoque

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