The Upcoming 2016 GMC Savana Review

Almost 20 years ago the GMC’s Savana model occupied its place on the world’s stage. Many years have passed since that time and many efforts have been implied to keep it competitive on the fast-growing and fast-changing auto market. It’s worth mentioning that the vehicle’s designers have succeeded on this task as it’s still popular worldwide. Therefore, the company decided not to discontinue the model’s manufacturing and to give a birth for 2016 GMC Savana. The two versions will be released, actually – Cargo and Passenger. Let’s speculate on their future characteristics.

2016 GMC Savana Front

Impressive Exterior

This full-size van has been produced for commercial purposes, at first. It features an imposing cargo space both for the cargo- and passenger-oriented variants. Drivers will be able to choose between the rear-wheel and four-wheel driving systems and two wheelbases of 135 and 155 inches. The vehicle’s exterior look will abound with chromed details – bumpers, grille, and doorhandles. It will also boast of the heated outside mirrors, 16-inch wheels, and sliding door.

Luxury Interior

An advanced infotainment system called IntelliLink is integrated inside the 2016 GMC Savana cabin to provide drivers and their passengers (up to fifteen of them in the Passenger modification) with the most comfortable and pleasant driving experience. There one will be able to find a whole set of useful cutting-edge gadgets (especially in the most expensive trim), including the monitor for controlling tire pressure, remote start, Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity, rear-view camera etc. The seats are adjustable and covered with the top-quality upholstery while the steering wheel has leather on the top.

2016 GMC Savana Interior

Powerful Engine Modifications

Due to the fact that there will be released as many as three models, we’ll see 5 engine variants. The two are for a car with the 1500 model number (a V6 4.3L engine showing 196 hp and 261 lb-ft and a V8 5.3L option producing not less than 310 hp and 334 lb-ft – both paired with a 4-speed gearcase); the three more – for the 2500 and 3500 models (a V8 4.8L featuring 280 hp and 296 lb-ft engine, a 6.6L V8 diesel one with 280 hp and 526 lb-ft, and a powerful V8 6L one characterized by 324 hp and 372 lb-ft – all of them working with a six-speed gearbox of the automatic principle).

2016 GMC Savana Red

Future Release and Cost

Frankly speaking, it’s rather difficult to speak about pricing policy for 2016 GMC Savana at this moment, though it will be estimated about $26-44 thousand, depending on a trim and a cabin type choice. It will be shown approximately at the beginning of 2016.

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