What Should Expect From 2016 GMC Avalanche

Different from other trucks by its functionality, 2016 GMC Avalanche will have four doors and big luggage space. It combines all best features of sport utility vehicles and pickup cars. Avalanche is the exclusive truck. It wasn’t changed for a long time, because it seemed to be the perfect vehicle. But recently, General Motors Company decided to update this car. It happened because the sands are running out, new technologies are appeared and fashion is changed. The 2016 GMC Avalanche is renewed and updated truck that is in step with the times.
2016 GMC Avalanche front

Exterior Description

The refreshed truck is going to be little smaller and easier. This effect will be achieved by means of using lighter weight materials. The car body of the new pickup is similar to previous car of this model range, but has a lot of differences. We can concern to them more modern style of the car body, new palette of shades, LED lights, chromes framings and so on. The automobile looks aggressive and extremely confident in spite of the fact that it is incredibly practical thanks to its huge luggage space. Looking on the Avalanche people think that this car is sustainable and powerful vehicle for work and for off-road driving.
 2016 GMC Avalanche

Interior Description

Inside the SUV is really spacious. Five or even six adult persons can travel by the car simultaneously. Seats are also changed and become convenient and soft. They can be heated by automatic system and can be adjusted to passengers. Most interfaced technologies are equipped in the Avalanche. There is modern multimedia and infotainment system with big touch screen on the central console among them. On the display driver can see images from remoting camera or another videos that he likes. Under the screen there is commodious jockey box for useful and small things. It is possible to fold down the screen if it isn’t used. Multifunctional steering wheel allows driver to control some systems keeping his mind on the road.
 2016 GMC Avalanche

Technical Characteristics

Avalanche is powerful pickup, therefore under the massive hood there is 5.3 l V8 engine. It is able to produce about 355 HP. This power is better than it was in the case of previous model. The old Avalanche generated only 320 horsepower. This engine is going to be supported by 6-spped automatic transmission. Moreover, the new model has got fuel efficiency. 2016 GMC Avalanche will come out in 2016 and it will cost about $50000.

7 Photos of the What Should Expect From 2016 GMC Avalanche

2016 GMC Avalanche2016 GMC Avalanche2016 GMC Avalanche2016 GMC Avalanche2016 GMC Avalanche2016 GMC Avalanche2016 GMC Avalanche

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